Because of those hard to reach areas we may miss in our daily oral home care, a routine teeth cleaning with a licensed professional is necessary.  Dr. Malek and his team of specially trained licensed hygienists, focus on preventive care to help you avoid future problems.  Additionally, once plaque builds up and hardens into calculus (also known as tartar), neither brushing nor flossing your teeth will not be sufficient to remove it.  Our hygienists use special instruments to give you that meticulous cleaning your teeth need.  While the recommended hygiene visits are normally every 6 months, some patients who are prone to periodontal issues may be advised to see their hygienist more frequently.

If it’s been a while (more than 6 months) without a professional cleaning, the hygienist may be required to perform a full mouth debridement, which primarily removes hardened calculus, to assess the health of your gums. In that case, it may require a second visit to complete the full cleaning of your teeth.

Scaling and Root planning is performed when there are deep pockets between your teeth and the gum.  A healthy pocket measures between 1mm-3mm.  Pockets 4mm and over may require scaling and root planning (a deep cleaning) which will clean into those pockets in an attempt to restore the health of your gums.  A deep pocket can be harmful as it allows bacteria to set in under the gum line which can result in bone loss, thus allowing your tooth to become loose. Rest assured, an anesthetic will be used to help prevent any discomfort throughout your treatment.